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Victoria Wilson, Spotlight

ACI Media Crew Members

The Media Crew would like to announce that Arthur Bard, from the Media department has found a job in the community. We wish him the best.

Victoria Wilson has joined the Media department in his place. She comes from an environment of family and friends who are very creative.

Tori, as she likes to be called, is learning the skills of photography, videography and the computer programs that are needed for the job.

So lets welcome Tori and smile while she takes your photo.

Visiting the Enclaves

New Case Manager Tiana Taylor wanted to meet everyone in her enclaves, so the Media Crew drove her around to each location, Wilden Pump in Grand Terrace, JB Hunt in Perris, and The Torilla Grill in Riverside.

She was welcomed with open arms.

Frozen Time Art

The Creative talents of the Media Crew have been putting their artwork on a supply of clocks. We can customize a clock for your home or office. We can design seasonal clocks. You can order Christmas clocks for $15.00

Let’s Support the Arts People!

Melvin Buys an iPod

Melvin Buys an iPod is the heartwarming story of Melvin, an adult with cerebral palsy. He works for Ability Counts Riverside location, sorting hangers for a major department store. Like many of us he loves music, most of his friends listen to their favorite music on iPods. This film tells the story of how he works five days a week and saves his money to buy an iPod for himself.


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