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Friday March 20, 2020

 Re: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

 Hello Everyone,

 California Governor, Gavin Newson, has ordered residents Statewide to stay at home in response to ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. The order goes into effect on Thursday (3/19/2020) midnight and will last until further notice.

 Please, if you have phone numbers to your consumers, call and let them know not to report to work site.  Once the governor lifts the order then we can report to the job.  If you have any questions please email Mo Gaji or Sarah Rubio.

We are posting Ability Counts, Inc. Facebook updates regularly here: https://www.facebook.com/AbilityCountsInc

We have also created Consumer Links (bookmarks) for consumers to participate in and enjoy (updated periodically):  https://www.bookmarkninja.com/share/106045633

 Everyone please stay safe.

 Landscape coaches please call Victor, Jr. regarding this notice.

 Feel free to call 951-734-6595 with any questions or concerns or email info@abilitycounts.org

 Be safe!




 We are committed to providing vocational resources   and training for adults with developmental   disabilities, in their pursuit of meaningful   employment and achieving their greatest potential.

  • 450 Individuals Served
  • 130 Staff Members
  • 39 Years of Service
  • 3 City Locations

Open Mon – Fri, 7:30a – 4:30p

Work Activity Programs

Ability Counts is dedicated to providing meaningful work for Consumers at our company facilities. The types of jobs include sorting, packaging, assembly, recycling and other repetitive tasks. This type of work is paid by the number of items produced each day.

ESA and Job Exploration

External Situational Assessment and Job Exploration: Finding the right fit sometimes means trying it on for size. We work with the Department of Rehabilitation in offering opportunities for Consumers to experience different types of jobs and job tasks prior to job placement.

Supported Employment Programs

Our work enclaves are made up of three to four Consumers working alongside a Job Coach and host company personnel. The types of jobs vary from food service and janitorial to highly skilled assembly work. This type of job is paid as commensurate wage by the hour.

Individual Placement

Our Program Development Department includes a Job Developer for work in the community on an individual basis. The ultimate goal of vocational training is independence. We offer opportunities for job placement at the prevailing wage.

Landscape Programs

Yes!  We have a full-blown landscape division, dedicated to the highest quality work at competitive prices anywhere around.

Benefits of Our Services

The benefits of vocational activities in general are numerous. A job provides the opportunity for continuous physical and mental exercise as well as improving social skills. The added bonus of taking home a paycheck makes the job even better!  We offer a variety of community employment options and strives to be creative in expanding opportunities that are career oriented.


Finding employees that actually enjoy repetitive work can be difficult. Many of our workers are looking for just that type of daily activity. Once fully trained, our workers are committed to production and will rarely miss a day or lose interest.
Ability Counts’ Job Coaches work alongside the crew to maintain continual training and quality assurance in getting the job done right. Vocational training is our business, and we are committed to above average productivity and quality outcomes.
By contracting through Ability Counts, our partner companies save on worker’s compensation,liability and unemployment insurance, social security tax and health benefits.  The contracted cost of labor is based on prevailing wage and productivity. The goal is to meet the partner company’s labor needs while also providing meaningful employment opportunities for adults with intellectual challenges.
Above all we want to establish long lasting relationships with our partner companies. The opportunity to provide meaningful work for our crews, meet the productivity needs for our partners and serve the community in a positive way is invaluable.
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