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About Us

Ability Counts, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the lives of Consumers, Staff and the Community by providing opportunities for growth through vocational, social, recreational and community activities.

Program Description

Ability Counts is a community non-profit, public benefit corporation established to provide meaningful employment, and employment training for individuals with developmental disabilities in the greater Corona / Riverside, and Redlands area.

The Vision

We envision Ability Counts, Inc. as the West Coast’s program of choice for people with vocational disabilities seeking to develop and enhance careers with true purpose, real contribution, and possibilities for personal ownership. We also envision specialized programs utilizing a variety of resources to serve the diverse group of public and private organizations partnering with us.

The Mission


Ability Counts, Inc. exists to increase the self sufficiency of people with a variety of vocational disabilities. Through a diverse array of vocational skill development programs conducted by safety conscious instructors employable skills are discovered, developed, put to a real-world test, then polished until wages earned on the general market are realized and a corresponding enhancement in self-esteem is experienced.

Through partnership networked between local industry and those enrolled in our instructional programs, we demonstrate that people challenged with vocational liabilities DO HAVE ABILITIES which, if harnessed appropriately, DO COUNT as worthy of full employment and DO DESERVE a chance at accruing personal equity and reducing their reliance on state and federal assistance. Under our unique format, financial self-self sufficiency security are extended to those who might otherwise miss out on these fundamental American virtues that give one a sense of becoming a fully participating member of society.

Statement of Program Philosophy

The fundamental philosophy of Ability Counts is based on “improving the quality of life” of the people we serve. In keeping with this basic philosophy, each employee of Ability Counts can gain purpose and direction from the observations and philosophy of the late educator, Dr. Marc W. Gold.

  1. One can best serve people with disabilities by training them to do marketable tasks.
  2. Persons labeled “retarded” respond best to a learning situation based on respect of their human worth and capabilities.
  3. Those labeled “handicapped” have the breadth and depth of capabilities to demonstrate competence, given training appropriate to their needs.
  4. A lack of learning in any particular situation should first be interpreted as a result of inappropriate or insufficient use of teaching strategy, rather that inability on the part of the learner. (Marc Gold: ‘Did I Say That’, 1980)

All employees of Ability Counts, shall commit themselves to the purpose of enhancing the training and employment of each individual consistent with consumer interests and motivation.

We shall also assist each individual to achieve his/her maximum employment potential and, to the extent possible, help each individual become full participants in the normalized living and working patterns of our society.

We believe that when employment skill is developed in an environment of mutual respect between instructor and learner, and when the relationship between instructor and learner is balanced and when individual differences and interests of the learner are considered, employment skill development will contribute to enhanced quality of life for both learner and instructor.

Organizational History

Ability Counts was organized by a number of concerned educators and employers who saw a need for a community work place for adults with developmental disabilities; which would emphasize meaningful work, high production, and quality employment training.

In April of 1980, Ability Counts was founded as a private, nonprofit organization with one employee performing custodial maintenance at Systems & Applied Sciences in Anaheim, California. In August of 1980, Ability Counts was incorporated in the State of California and continues to grow in employment and training options as well as numbers of persons with disabilities served.

Board of Directors

As with any nonprofit organization, a Board of Directors was formed to insure that all operations of the organization are legal and moral. Ability Counts has an eight (8) member Board of Directors. In addition to their check-and-balance duties, the Board of Directors also advises the Director as to the philosophies, policies, and membership of the organization.

The Board is directed by the Articles of Incorporation to meet once a year. However in keeping with program growth the Board now meets six times per year.

Persons Served

The primary population receiving our training and employment services are people with developmental disabilities who reside in the greater Riverside and Orange County areas. The disabilities reflected in this group include mental retardation, autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, and other conditions closely related to mental retardation. Other disabilities will be considered on an individual basis.

Consumer Referrals

Generally, all referrals are made by either the Habilitation Specialist (State Department of Rehabilitation) or Case Counselor, (Inland Counties Regional Center). However, there are some situations in which referrals will be made from the local school districts. All referrals are directed to Ability Counts, Consumer Services, 775 Trademark Circle., Corona, CA 92879 (phone 951-734-6595).

Services Offered

Ability Counts offers structured employment opportunities and employment training for adults with developmental disabilities. Ability Counts’ employment and training areas include: Commercial Landscape occupations, Industrial occupations, Recycling occupations, and Small Engine Mechanics.

Entrance Criteria

Ability Counts maintains an OPEN entrance enrollment format with the following trainee entrance criteria into the Ability Counts employment and training program:

  1. consumers must be 18 years or older.
  2. consumers must have a primary diagnosis of developmental disabilities.
  3. consumers must be able to adequately deal with their own personal needs.
  4. consumers must have an active interest and motivation to work at Ability Counts.
  5. consumer’s health must allow involvement of an eight (8) hours work day.
  6. consumers must be eligible for Regional Center or State Dept. of Rehabilitation Services.
  7. exceptions will be considered on an individual basis.

Exit Criteria

Ability Counts, maintains an OPEN program exit format. Exit from the program may occur when the consumer:

  1. is not receiving benefit from the program.
  2. desires to change employment options in a direction which is not offered by Ability Counts, Inc.
  3. displays behaviors that are dangerous to staff or others or which substantially disrupt the program.
  4. has uncontrolled medical conditions.
  5. has poor attendance.
  6. is referred to another agency or program.

Code of Ethics

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