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Consumer Highlight: Brittany Glass

Hello, my name is Brittany Glass.

I work at the Ability Counts facility in Redlands. I like my job working at the Redlands facility. I like the people and the environment. I have twin girls, Alexis and Alaycia. They’ll be eleven in June.

I like to take them out to Chuck-E-Cheese, theme parks, and help them with their school projects. I like to work as hard as possible to provide for my kids.

I like to spend my free time watching movies or spending time playing with my kids. I like
mystery movies, sometimes action, depending on what it is. I like to listen to a lot of music, Gospel or Rhythm and Blues. My favorite television show is Love & Hip-hop, sometimes Rap. I like to go out and get my nails done, and I love to shop at Ontario Mills. I like to go out to eat with my boyfriend. My favorite restaurants are BJ’s Brewhouse and The Cheesecake Factory. I love Italian and Mexican food. I have 8 siblings and I’m really close with my twin sister Brijon.

Consumer Highlight: Jillian Darwin

Hi my name is Jillian Darwin. I’ve been employed by Ability Counts since 2012. My favorite thing to do is scrapbooking, watch movies, shopping, and cooking.

My scrap-booking is very, very good. I scrapbook pictures of vacations, pictures of family. When you scrapbook, you take a sheet of paper, you get glue or glue dots and you put it on the back of the photo you want to use. Then you stick it onto the paper and you decorate them with stickers, glitter, and markers. It’s very simple.
I like to make them with my friends.

I’ve been out to Texas, and in the past, when I was five, I went to Hawaii. My sister goes to Cal State San Bernardino. She’s going to graduate, hopefully. I have a brother too. He lives in Redlands and goes to University of Redlands. He wants to be an accountant. My mom works at a dance store all the way in Fountain Valley.

I like to go to the movies with Chad and I’ve seen Winnie the Pooh, all the Star Wars movies up to Episode VII; I’ve seen the Marvel movies. There’s a whole lot, too many to name.

I also like to watch baseball, and my favorite team is the Dodgers. I haven’t been to the Dodger Stadium
yet though.

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