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Consumer Highlights: Jose Munoz

Jose Munoz

Hello, my name is Jose Munoz.

I work stacking boxes, putting labels on bottles. I’ve been working at Ability Counts for sixteen years.

On the weekends, I go out with my girlfriend to the mall, the park, the movies, or to anywhere really.
I like to watch action movies, horror movies, and comedies. I also like to watch sports and wrestling, also Los Angeles Clippers, Two & a Half Men, and That 70’s Show. I like to go swimming, going to the beach and spending time with my friends. I like to play pool and basketball. I like to walk around the mall and buy things like clothes or shoes.

I also like to workout doing pushups every day. And also go hiking in the mountains. I like to go watching animals at night with infrared night vision goggles.

My favorite books to read are astronomy books. I also like to help my mom and dad with shopping, helping pay the bills and doing household chores like mowing the lawn and washing the car.

Consumer Highlight

Hello my name is Dawn Maeder. I’ve been working at Ability Counts for a long time. When I’m at home I like to spend time with my fiancé and my mother. On Saturdays, I see my fiancé, LaRon Thomas.

On Sundays, I spend time with my mother and try to have fun with her while she’s still here. I also spend time with my niece. We like to go to theme parks. I also like to make friends and do things on the weekends with them. We’ll go to the mall and the swap meet.

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