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Saddle Creek

Way to go Saddle Creek Crew!

We would like to give a shout out to the Saddle Creek Janitorial Crew.

Job Coach Carolyn Ginns reported to the Media Crew that one day a truck driver walked up to them and said, “I travel all over the country. I gotta say, this warehouse has the cleanest restrooms I’ve ever been in. You and your crew do an amazing job. Thank you!”

Carolyn Ginns mentioned how Saddle Creek employees compliment the crew on their hard work.

Wilden Pump – Testimony

We are going on about 15 years now in our partnership with A.C.I. We have a landscaping group, a janitorial crew and we have two manufacturing crews that are out on the floor helping to do various things like inspection steps, sub assembly steps, our spare parts kits.

It’s wonderful to have these people here that really are enthusiastic about doing a good job and we’ve found that to be infectious with the rest of the workforce.  By bringing in the (ACI) crews we’ve been able to help with the workload on our workforce.  We do more with less time.  I definitely recommend Ability Counts to other companies I deal with.

Susan Elizarraras,
Director of Inventory and Logistics
Wilden Pump

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