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Winship Praise

Winship Enclave

I’m happy I have the opportunity to share with you what a positive experience we have had with your organization in general and lately, with Maria in particular.

As we discussed, the cost efficiencies of your consumers bundling our stakes and packaging our home items has helped sustain our business and saved all the other jobs out there. Just as importantly, or even more so, the goodness of your folks has enhanced the culture of our organization.

Teaming up with you has also focused our mission to succeed by adhering our values of being local, sustainable, and responsible to our community.

A critical piece of the success and productivity of our consumers is the job coach…and we’ve had a few. The consistency and quality of that position is critical for us. In addition to bundling our stakes, we rely on you for all of our shipments to Amazon with accounts for 25% to 30% of our revenue. Any falter in that line would be cataclysmic to us. Maria is wonderful. She really improves the productivity and quality of the work of the consumers.

She understands our business and as we expand and make improvements to our painting and packaging line, we want to include her in that process to benefit from her insight. She is also a truly lovely and pleasant person. Please don’t switch her out on us!

Alisia is new to us as a job coach but she is terrific as well and we look forward to working with her for a long time to come as well. Again, our partnership with you has been a blessing and we appreciate all you do for us, the community, and the lovely people you send our way.

Lisa Winship, President

Wilden Pump – Testimony

We are going on about 15 years now in our partnership with A.C.I. We have a landscaping group, a janitorial crew and we have two manufacturing crews that are out on the floor helping to do various things like inspection steps, sub assembly steps, our spare parts kits.

It’s wonderful to have these people here that really are enthusiastic about doing a good job and we’ve found that to be infectious with the rest of the workforce.  By bringing in the (ACI) crews we’ve been able to help with the workload on our workforce.  We do more with less time.  I definitely recommend Ability Counts to other companies I deal with.

Susan Elizarraras,
Director of Inventory and Logistics
Wilden Pump

Geodis – Testimony

Ability Counts does a variety of services from janitorial, to removing stretch wrap and banding, from one of our warehouses. Working with them allows us to be more productive with some of our functions. Whether it’s short term work or long term, I always feel comfortable asking them. I would definitely recommend Ability Counts!  In fact we are adding more crews to our other warehouses.

June Brown,
Regional Office Supervisor Maintenance & Safety

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