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Spotlight on Gloria Gonzales

Gloria Gonzales

Hello ACI!

I am very happy working and providing my professional assistance to my clients. I am a very active individual who loves to dance. I am currently dancing for a professional dance company and enjoy every minute.

My life consists of dancing and taking care of my family. My 27 years of marriage has taught me so much about life, but over all, I’m happy and love to care for special needs individuals.

I love myself and love my life.

Hey, my name is Leticia Gutierrez.

I’m the job coach for the janitorial crew at Geodis Fontana. I’ve been working here for about four and a half years, going on five. I’m a major Sylvester Stallone fan. On the weekends, of course if there’s not a movie that’s out, I am out with my family going to amusement parks, festivals, anything that keeps us out and about. Just recently, we went to Legoland. We checked out their amusement park, waterpark, and the aquarium. It’s mainly for the babies.

I have quite a handful of kids. I have six girls. The oldest one is almost 21. I have a 16, 14, 11, 6, and the baby is now four years old. At their ages, you know they have the attitudes and talking back.

There is a restaurant that is called Luna in Corona and in Rancho Cucamonga, They have what they call a tequila dinner that’s once a month. It’s a three course meal, with three shots of tequila and three mixed drinks, and every month is a different kind of tequila that they are promoting. I like to go almost every month because the price is $45, but it’s worth the meal. It’s so fancy in there and the drinks are excellent. It’s usually the last Thursday of the month.

I love my job, I love the people I work with, and my consumers. We also want to give a shout out to Letty Gutierrez for going above and beyond once again!

She procured a donation from Geodis of 10 almost new office chairs for Ability Counts. She is always looking for ways to help the consumers and staff by bringing in donations of furniture or bringing in new contracts!

Way to go Letty! Your efforts are much appreciated!

Beating the Odds

Cornelius Jordan survived a Jaywalking accident.

On the morning of January 10, 2018 at 6am, Cornelius was running late to catch his RTA bus to his work program. He ran across Arlington Avenue.

While running across the street, he didn’t notice the truck going 40 mph towards him. The truck hit him. Cornelius sustained injuries to his left leg, ankle, and right arm.

Surgery, physical therapy, hard work, and the love of his family will give him the ability to walk again. He will be in recovery for a long time.

Our director, Mo Gaji, created a huge gift basket with lots of goodies and books in it and cards that many signed. Cornelius’ Case Manager, Guy Mersereau, came for a visit and delivered this care package. As Guy entered the facility, he noticed Cornelius playing cards at the receptionist desk. Guy said, “It was nice to see Cornelius’ smiling face again”.

If anyone wishes to visit him, please see Case Manager Guy at the Riverside building.

Our hope for him is a speedy recovery.

Spotlight On: Amika Luebrun

ACI: How long have you been with Ability Counts?
Amika Luebrun: I’ve been working for Ability Counts for a year through the temp agency, then rolled over and hired through the company for 2 years.

ACI: What got you interested in this field of work?
Amika Luebrun: I have an older brother that has a mental disability, and when I heard about Ability Counts through a family friend, I knew working with adults with disabilities would be a great learning experience for me.

ACI: What’s it like working with people that have disabilities?
Amika Luebrun: It’s been a great learning experience for me and it makes me happy that I get the opportunity to work with and train those with disabilities.

ACI: What are your hobbies and things to do outside of work?
Amika Luebrun: My hobbies and things to do outside of work are taking my son to the park and amusement parks, going dancing, going to the movies and hanging out with family, friends, and loved ones.

Spotlight On: Lorrie Dowding

ACI: What got you interested in this field of work?
Lorrie Dowding: I was previously working with Area Board XII doing LQA (Life Quality Assurance ) surveys and ended up having to directly meet with a client at Ability Counts, Inc. I had met with Claudette Phelps who impressed me on how she was working and training the clients on the work floor. She had told me that I should apply as a job coach and gave me an application. From their it has been such a pleasure to work with our clients and to see the progress that each of them have made in the jobs.

ACI: What’s it like working with people that have disabilities?
Lorrie Dowding: When I worked as a job coach, it was a blessing to work with clients. They demonstrate good work ethics, had excellent attendance and when they learned a new skill, I was very proud to have been apart of their success. It was very easy working with the clients, I had such a wonderful group and became very close to them, they show unconditional love.

ACI: What are your hobbies and things to do outside of work?
Lorrie Dowding: I enjoy the company of my family, having my grand-kids sleep over and bake and make crafts, scrap booking with my sister and going to Ladies Home Fellowship on Thursday nights with my dear friends. Enjoy reading the bible and planting flowers and yard work when the weather is nice.

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