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Consumer Highlights: Dremia Adams

Dremia Adams

Hi, my name is Dremia Adams.

I work at Dorry’s Diner for Ability Counts. On the weekends, I like to relax, then later on I go to the movies or the mall. Sometimes, I go skating. My sister and I will go out and have dinner, go to the movies sometimes. That’s where I’ll really be at. I like action movies, sometimes scary movies, and comedy movies.

A majority of the time, on the weekends, I go visit my friends in Palmdale

Shawn Syed, Consumer Highlight

Hello, my name is Shawn Syed. I work at Dorry’s Diner in Woodcrest CA.
Outside of work, I am with my friends and I go to the Moreno Valley Mall, and hangout with my friend Sarah. We go to the library and we go to Taco Bell for lunch if we want it, or just walk around. I like action and adventure movies. I also like to play video games on my time off. My favorite restaurants, I gotta say are, In-N-Out Burger and Olive Garden.

I went on a cruise with family in November. We went on a Western Caribbean Cruise called Harmony-of-the Seas to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica and then Cozumel, Mexico. Then we went on an island tour and the Mayan ruins tour. It was fun, I took pictures of the stuff and it
was good!

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