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Spotlight On Blake Shimshock

Hi I’m Blake Shimshock. I run the Multimedia department for Ability Counts.

I’ve been involved in the film industry for almost 20 years. As a kid, I always had a fascination with cameras. I had that one uncle that always had the cool gadgets at his house.

While my cousins and friends were playing, I had a camera stuck to my face. My father was a movie projectionist, so we got to see a lot of movies for free. He would give me the posters of all the sci-fi films.

In 1977 when Star Wars hit theaters, I was blown away. I took writing classes plus introduction to film. Years later, some friends and I met an actor named Reggie Bannister; he’s in those Bmovie Horror films. He invited us to the set of Phantasm 4. I was so excited to be there.

We helped with lighting and equipment. I gravitated towards the camera crew and helped with the camera equipment. I’ve been hooked ever since.

In 2002 I met a few like-minded people and we started a film company. We still work together occasionally. I’ve worked on over 80 short films and features of all genres. I got into directing and directed some short films that aired on CBS and K-CAL 9. I was assistant camera for some Nickelodeon projects. I worked on a Sammy Hagar Public Service Announcement at Ontario Motor Speedway.

Locally, I’ve filmed videos for the City of Riverside and the city of Moreno Valley.

I stay busy doing what I love. It’s also great money.

Spotlight On: Blake Shimshock

ACI: How long have you been with Ability Counts?
Blake Shimshock: I have been working for ACI for 8 years as their Multimedia Instructor.

ACI: What got you interested in this field of work?
Blake Shimshock: The director at the time and I spoke on the phone and he asked if I was still making independent films and doing photography. I said yeah. He then explained to me that he wanted to start a media enclave.

ACI: What’s it like working with people that have disabilities?
Blake Shimshock: Working with our consumers is rewarding to me. I like how they get really excited when I show them how to do something cool with the cameras or in editing. It’s cool to watch their skills grow and how they work together as a team.

ACI: What are your hobbies and things to do outside of work?
Blake Shimshock: Well as most people know, I’m an independent filmmaker. Outside of the day job as they say, I do a lot of filming and still photography. I’ve been doing lighting and camera work for other people’s independent films. I also draw digital art. I am also writing a few Sci-Fi Fantasy screenplays.

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