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Congrats Diane Hensel!

Diane Hensel, for 16 years with Ability Counts!!
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication
for all these years! You are a valued employee
and much appreciated!

2017 Consumer Volunteer of the Year

Shaun Syed

We would like to recognize Shaun Syed as 2017 Consumer Volunteer of the Year. Shaun volunteers to help at almost every ACI event and his help has been greatly appreciated, especially at the dances.

Shaun assists with running the store during the dances, helps with the serving and clean-up, and directs consumers to their appropriate transports at the end of the night.

He does an awesome job and is always cheerful and willing to help wherever needed!

Thank you Shaun!

Ability Counts appreciates your dedication!

Main St. Bus Duty Shout Out!

Thank you Main St. Bus Duty Staff:

As the Main St. Bus Duty Manager, I wish to thank and acknowledge the following staff that perform the Main St. Bus Duty each day. It takes a community of caring individuals to step out in front of traffic to make way and give safe passage to our Door to Door clients.

I wish to acknowledge: Marlene Trejos, Blake Shimshock, Florizel Leon, Maricela Torres, Samantha Ramos, Letricia Wyatt, Angela Aragon, Jaimie Bonseigneur, Amika Luebrun, Brenda Corro, Wes Mamea and Leonor Rivera for their dedication and care.

These individuals, besides risking personal safety, strive to teach drivers proper ACI driving patterns, coming and going from three different directions. They get to deal with grumpy drivers.

Drivers that do not want to be told what to do and they physically care for clients that require their help to get to and from buses and cars. Some City Door to Door bus services said it could not be done, and you stepped up and showed them what we are made of. This is all in the name of SAFETY.
To these individuals: I thank you for the high quality you put into caring for our clients while you complete this daily task.

Best Regards,
Guy M. Mersereau
Case Responsible Person
Landscape Division
Ability Counts, Inc.

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