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Hello my name is Chris Musarra.

I’ve been employed by Ability Counts since 2011. I love animals. I have a total of at least 8 or 9 pets. Some Guinea pigs, a rabbit, two Chihuahuas and three cats. At home, I love to help my family out with the chores and I keep
the plants tended to. I love the cactus.

I like to watch Sci-Fi stuff, build Models, and I love reading books. I absolutely love reading sci-fi books and fantasy books, alternate
reality books. Overall I enjoy keeping the house tidy.

I love Sci-Fi movies and shows. Star Trek is probably my favorite Sci-Fi series. I’ve recently seen the premiere for the second season of Star Trek Discovery, which will premiere next year in January. I honestly can’t wait for that one.

It’s been a while, but I like the amusement parks like Knott’s, and Disneyland; I love Disneyland. I’m actually planning to head to Knott’s Scary Farm this October 26th . I want to take computer classes for the more advanced stuff like Photoshop and Film Editing because I plan to actually make YouTube Videos on a channel someday.

I’ve already taken four classes so far. The first one was Intro to Web Page, then Photoshop was the second one, and then there was the Intro to Graphics, and the fourth one was Creative Arts class.

I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos, one particularly is the SML, The Super Mario Logan show. It features the plush dolls of Mario Teams, and of course, there’s this one song that was introduced in 2016 called Jeffy. I mean, those of you who’ve seen SML know what I’m talking about. He’s
caused the channel problems. But I plan to do something like SML someday, or YouTube cartoon videos. I actually have many ideas I’d like to do.

Then there’s the Sci-Fi stories online, there’s the Creepypasta Community that tells horror stories, alternate reality stories, mostly spooky stuff. I actually plan to do that.

I don’t have a laptop at the moment, but I do plan to get one so I can do recording on my YouTube channel. I already have a channel but I’m not able to record anything. It’s called skyrunnerSG1 and I’ve already viewed a whole bunch of videos that I love.

I’ve traveled to Mexico once to see my Grandparents. It was pretty good over there; it was really hot. I didn’t mind it, but I wouldn’t want to live there. But I do like to travel.

The second place I visited was Florida in 1997. That was a long time ago. I went there for one time. I didn’t mind it, I actually liked it. I loved going to the beach there. I loved that place.

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