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Spotlight on Gloria Gonzales

Gloria Gonzales

Hello ACI!

I am very happy working and providing my professional assistance to my clients. I am a very active individual who loves to dance. I am currently dancing for a professional dance company and enjoy every minute.

My life consists of dancing and taking care of my family. My 27 years of marriage has taught me so much about life, but over all, I’m happy and love to care for special needs individuals.

I love myself and love my life.

Hey, my name is Leticia Gutierrez.

I’m the job coach for the janitorial crew at Geodis Fontana. I’ve been working here for about four and a half years, going on five. I’m a major Sylvester Stallone fan. On the weekends, of course if there’s not a movie that’s out, I am out with my family going to amusement parks, festivals, anything that keeps us out and about. Just recently, we went to Legoland. We checked out their amusement park, waterpark, and the aquarium. It’s mainly for the babies.

I have quite a handful of kids. I have six girls. The oldest one is almost 21. I have a 16, 14, 11, 6, and the baby is now four years old. At their ages, you know they have the attitudes and talking back.

There is a restaurant that is called Luna in Corona and in Rancho Cucamonga, They have what they call a tequila dinner that’s once a month. It’s a three course meal, with three shots of tequila and three mixed drinks, and every month is a different kind of tequila that they are promoting. I like to go almost every month because the price is $45, but it’s worth the meal. It’s so fancy in there and the drinks are excellent. It’s usually the last Thursday of the month.

I love my job, I love the people I work with, and my consumers. We also want to give a shout out to Letty Gutierrez for going above and beyond once again!

She procured a donation from Geodis of 10 almost new office chairs for Ability Counts. She is always looking for ways to help the consumers and staff by bringing in donations of furniture or bringing in new contracts!

Way to go Letty! Your efforts are much appreciated!

Consumer Highlight: Brittany Glass

Hello, my name is Brittany Glass.

I work at the Ability Counts facility in Redlands. I like my job working at the Redlands facility. I like the people and the environment. I have twin girls, Alexis and Alaycia. They’ll be eleven in June.

I like to take them out to Chuck-E-Cheese, theme parks, and help them with their school projects. I like to work as hard as possible to provide for my kids.

I like to spend my free time watching movies or spending time playing with my kids. I like
mystery movies, sometimes action, depending on what it is. I like to listen to a lot of music, Gospel or Rhythm and Blues. My favorite television show is Love & Hip-hop, sometimes Rap. I like to go out and get my nails done, and I love to shop at Ontario Mills. I like to go out to eat with my boyfriend. My favorite restaurants are BJ’s Brewhouse and The Cheesecake Factory. I love Italian and Mexican food. I have 8 siblings and I’m really close with my twin sister Brijon.

We have a Winner: Tina Park

Tina Park is a participant of the Norco Therapeutic Horse Riding program called Leaps and Bounds. The program uses adaptive riding which uses equine-assisted activities for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social well-being of people with disabilities. Adaptive riding provides benefits in the areas of health,
education, sports, and recreation. Adaptive Riding also provides instruction and exercises that include horse anatomy, tack, and horsemanship.

She recently got an award during one of their horsemanship competitions. Tina Park works on the base program at our Corona facility.

Way to go Tina!

Consumer Highlight: Robert Chambers

Robert Chambers

Hello, my name is Robert Chambers.

I’ve been working at Teledyne for 31 years. On my days off, I like to go places. I’m into Marvel movies and my favorite music is Christmas music, classic rock, and all that.

I go bowling every Tuesday and Friday night for my bowling team The Purple Turtles Club which my wife runs here in Redlands at Empire Bowl. Every December, I like to go to Las Vegas to gamble and eat at the buffet.

I’ve been with my wife for over 35 years. We got married in 2009. It was a small ceremony but it was nice.

Consumer Highlight: Steve Vasquez

Steve Vasquez

Hello, my name is Steve Vasquez.

I work at Teledyne for ACI. I’ve been here for about 2 and a half years. When I’m not at work, I hang out with family and friends, stay home and chill, watch some movies. Sometimes I go and babysit my nephews.

I like to watch all kinds of different movies on Netflix. I haven’t been to the movies yet, but that’s what I want to do, I want to go over to Harkins and watch the movies that come out. I’ve seen some of the Star Wars and Marvel movies.

I also go riding around on my bike. I have a BMX bike, but it’s out of commission right now. I have another bike that I ride to work on, and whenever I go out I use that bike because it has brakes.

I used to go to a studio here in Redlands at Community Center. We could make music and beats there, but it’s been a while since I’ve been over there. They have a prolog on a computer where they have everything on there, where you could pick your own beats and combine them. They’re located at 11 West Washington Street, here in Redlands, Ca. For Thanksgiving I visited my sister in Calimesa. I smoked a ham on the bbq, and my sister made the turkey.

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